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I wasn't aware of the dark
'Till the morning came through
I'd never longed for a lie
'Till stuck with the truth
These wings will melt
Everyone will tell
I paid little mind to the fire
'Till the blanket was pulled
I sent what we were through a wire
With words like dull tools
It's the worst I have told
But it's the best I can hold

I won't fly like a feather
To the opposite side

All of the trees wave goodbye
Stars are something to do
No road was paved
For the likes of me and you
So we'll float on
'Till the wind gets too strong

I won't fly like a feather
To the opposite side
At least not this time
At least not this time

These wings, they won't melt
It's all I can tell


from Little Notes [EP], released December 6, 2010
Written by L. Scheerlinck (a Singer of Songs).

Played, recorded and mixed by Tiny Ruins and a Singer of Songs in Barcelona, July 2010.
Mastered by Jim Bob Aiken.




Tiny Ruins Auckland, New Zealand

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